Have Your Contacts Prescribed by an Established Optometrist at Family Vision Center of Crosby & Porter

Contact lenses have come a long way since 1888, when Dr. Fick, a Swiss physician, successfully constructed and fitted the first scleral lenses, which were made of glass and, at the time, covered the entire eye. It wasn’t till much, much later that plastic contact lenses were introduced; further technological advances over the years have since seen the improvement of contact lenses in terms of material, size, and shape for comfort and wearability.

Today’s lenses are designed to allow the eyes to breathe, and we at the Family Vision Center of Crosby & Porter are here to ensure that you get fitted with the perfect pair of comfortable, unnoticeable high-quality contact lenses to suit your individual lifestyle. With their expertise in the latest technologies, our doctors carefully examine your eyes and prescribe appropriate contact lenses specifically designed to maximize your vision.

We will help you choose the right lenses

We begin the process by helping you select the most appropriate lens design for your diagnosed eye conditions, including options such as:

Toric lenses: or wearers with problems such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness.

* Bifocal lenses: customized based on different needs for each eye, usually when assistance to see different zones is required.

* Spherical lenses: used to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness.

* Rigid gas permiable lenses (RGP): lenses made in breatheable rigid plastic that help to reshapre irregular corneas or eyes with high astigmatism. These lenses can be made in spherical, toric and bifocal designs.

* Scleral lenses: lenses used to correct vision of patient’s who have irregularities in their vision that make it difficult to wear contact lenses. Like RGP’s Scleral can be made in spherical, torric and bifocal designs are known for their improved comfort and stability compared to RGP lenses.

Get your eyes evaluated for customized lens creation

Aside from picking out the right design, you need to decide on which materials to use. Depending on how long you are able to wear the lenses before needing to clean them, our doctors can prescribe hard, soft, GP, or hybrid lenses for you. Your optometrist may also prescribe special lenses for hard-to-fit eyes or special conditions like dry eyes.

To get your eyes evaluated for customized lens creation, call us at (281) 870-4711 or (281) 870-4201. We’ll be happy to schedule you for a personalized fitting and discuss the options available to you.