Family Vision Center of Crosby & Porter: Thorough, Personalized Eye Examination Services

At Family Vision Center, we firmly believe that “There is more to an eye exam than vision correction.” That’s why we go the extra mile to deliver superb custom solutions for your individual eye care needs.
Founded in 2000, Family Vision Center started as a small family business with a solid commitment to treat each patient as we would our own family. This has allowed us to build relationships of mutual loyalty and trust with our patients over the years. It is this same philosophy which continues to inspire and invigorate our doctors and staff to deliver the highest quality ocular examinations and superior patient service each day at our two current locations. Using the latest available technologies available in the market today, we impact significantly on our patients’ everyday lives.

Family Vision Center of Crosby & Porter: Your Source for Comprehensive Eye Care Services

Our doctors and staff are experienced, trained, and certified to perform and provide a number of eye care services, from eye exams to specialized treatments for various conditions.

Eye Exams
Our doctors and staff are trained to use innovative products and the latest, most advanced technology to design ocular treatments to maximize the vision of our patients. Our eye examination services aren’t just thorough, they’re completely personalized. We discuss all findings at great length so patients understand exactly what is going on with their eyes. We then take the time to explain different remedies and options for treatment, to ensure we deliver the best value for your money.

Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses, and Specialty Eyewear
All materials are hand selected, allowing us to offer eyewear selections superior to anything available at chains, online, or via big box retailers.

Specialized Treatments
We are equipped to provide treatments and management solutions for various eye health conditions including myopia, hyperopia, amblyopia, glaucoma, cataracts, and red eye, among others. We also offer LASIK Management or Co-management, as well as InfantSEE.
For inquiries and to schedule an appointment, call us today at our Crosby office at (281) 870-4711 or Porter office at (281) 870-4201.