Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

Visual field testing is used to determine if the visual system is functioning normally. This test measures the intensity of small spots of light necessary for an individual to see them in the periphery of their vision. It provides a map of a person’s central and peripheral vision. The loss of peripheral vision is often very subtle and gradual so that people do not notice as they lose vision. This type of vision loss is common with conditions such as glaucoma. A person’s field of vision can also alert us to brain conditions such as tumors, aneurysms, and strokes. The results of the Analyser identify the type of vision defect. Therefore, it provides information regarding the location of any disease processes or lesion(s) throughout the visual pathway. This guides and contributes to the diagnosis of the condition affecting the patient’s vision. These results are stored and used for monitoring the progression of vision loss and the patient’s condition.



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