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Family Vision Center is a friendly and professional eye care center focused on providing comprehensive eye solutions. Equipped with the latest eye care technology and a team of highly trained optometrists, we guarantee fast, effective eye solutions.


Monday- 8:50-4:00
Tuesday- 8:50- 5:00
Wednesday- 9:50-7:00
Thursday- 8:50-5:00
Friday- 8:50-3:00
Sat- By appointment Only


Monday 9:00-4:00
Tuesday 8:50-5:00
Wednesday 9:50-7:00
Thursday 8:50-5:00
Friday 8:50-3:00


Offering you full service optometry, including:

There is More to Eye Care Than Vision Correction!


Family Vision Center also sells eye care products that include:



In our office, we try to stock high quality products such as lubricating eye drops, nutritional supplements and other “hard to find” ocular therapies. Our products are always competitive with store prices so you can be sure that you are getting proven solutions at the best prices.






New Caney







Among Others


Unmatched Eye Care

At Family Vision Center, we use up-to-date technology to provide the best eye care services. In fact, no eye doctor in Crosby and Porter offers more excellent services at a better price than we do.

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Easy Scheduling

If you cannot find an appointment on our online scheduler that fits your schedule, send us a message.

Eye Care

To purchase any of our glasses, contact lenses, specialty eyewear, and more, all you need is to follow the simple ordering process:
• Log in to our website
• Select your preferred merchandise and add it to your card
• Proceed to checkout and once you complete the payment, we’ll deliver your order.

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Affordable Products and Services

At Family Vision Center, we offer highest-quality products and services at a price you can afford. More still, you’ll enjoy the convenience of placing your order in the comfort of your home, saving on transportation costs.

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Eye Care

Thorough Eye Examination

At the Family Vision Center of Crosby & Porter, we treat each patient as family. It’s a philosophy that has guided our practice from the beginning and it still inspires and invigorates us as we’ve expanded. Click to learn more.

And as we always say:

There is More to Eye Care Than Vision Correction!

Eye Care

Cataracts Removal

If you suspect cataracts are affecting your vision, the doctors are Family Vision Center can diagnose, manage and guide you through the process of cataract removal if needed. Rest assured that only the best surgeons are trusted with the treatment of our patients.

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Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Care:

Diabetic eye exams are recommended every year for patients diagnosed with diabetes. Our doctors perform comprehensive diabetic examinations and communicate results with your managing physician on your behalf.

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The fastest growing problem for adults today is Dry eye. Family Vision Center has an excellent track record for successful treatment and management of dry eye.

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Eye Care

We offer free LASIK consultations to let you know if you are a good candidate for LASIK or other refractive procedures.

Eye Care

Computer Vision Syndrome

It is difficult to do anything these days that does not require a computer or digital device. Ask us how to protect your eyes from these demanding tasks and what technologies can make your computer use more comfortable.

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Eye Care

Tired of glasses and contact lenses? Our doctors will provide you with honest counsel about what you can get out of the multitude of refractive treatments available. Short term and long term benefits as well as customized recommendations are provided at each consultation.

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Myopia Control

Did you know myopia is increasing in our adolescent population faster than ever before? Family Vision Center’s doctors are up to date on the latest treatments and techniques to help slow down the progression of nearsightedness that is becoming a troublesome epidemic in young people.


Eye emergencies:

If you injure your eye or have an acute problem, avoid waiting in the emergency room. The doctors at Family Vision Center are better equipped and trained to address ocular issues and can save you time and money in the emergency room.


Easy to make the appointment. Very friendly at the front desk. I felt SO at ease with the girl who did the initial eye check(the tests when you first go to the back) She and the other two that were in the back all communicated with each other so well. You could tell they all got along .So professional! I can’t say enough about my doctor. She is one of those people who can make a room light up.loved her personality. ….a lovely doctor. Then the one who helped me with my glasses…..she made things SO fast and easy!! I have always liked the people at this place,but this time stood out. I’m glad you sent me this survey because when I left this time I was thinking about this visit and how much I actually enjoyed it. Everyone there was exceptional. Hang on to them and pay them well. They are worth it and they are the ones who make that company!

Monica D.

Dr Szabo has been me & my husband’s optometrist for 11 years and she is Great. She is very professional and always up to date on current treatments, appointments run on time, she listens patiently and employs the best staff. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Renee R.

Staff was very nice and courteous. I was worked in due to what could have been a serious situation and everyone was very helpful.

Terry B.

Office staff very friendly and helpful. Time to get glasses back very reasonable. Overall visit worth my drive.

Henry R.

The best of staff,very friendly,perfect to recommend to a friends and family.

Sean R.


To schedule an appointment or seek more information about our specialty eye care, give us a call. You can also use the contact form on our website to send us a message.